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Change in the Net-ID Suspension Process for Employees Leaving ISU

This news item expired December 30, 2012. It may contain out-of-date information.

A new policy regarding the suspension of Net-IDs for employees who are leaving Iowa State will take effect today, November 1, 2012. The new policy came about due to concerns about privacy and security issues expressed by auditors and the Office of the Provost. A task force of representatives from across campus met to work out the details of the new policy.

Under the new policy, Net-ID accounts for departing employees will be suspended on the day following their last day of work. Along with this change, forwarding of email from suspended employee accounts will no longer be possible. Emails sent to suspended accounts will receive an automated reply stating that the employee is no longer with the university and may include a new personal email address for the employee, provided one has been set up. The automated reply may also contain an alternate email address for Iowa State business matters if the department has set one up.

With this new policy, faculty and staff with a known departure date will receive an email warning 30 days prior to their last day, letting them know what will happen to their account and how they can set up an email address to be included in the automated reply. Faculty and staff who will be departing in less than 30 days will receive the notice as soon as their departure date is known.

Along with this change, faculty and staff members will be unable to create sponsored accounts for students or employees who do not qualify for an Exchange account. Departing employees who still require an ISU Net-ID must request a sponsored email account from an Administrative Officer of the University.

Suspension of Net-IDs for departing B-based faculty will initially include a four-month grace period to insure they are not mistakenly suspended. Net-ID accounts for emeritus faculty will not be affected by this change. Sponsored accounts still must be renewed on an annual basis. When a sponsor's Net-ID account is suspended, all accounts sponsored under that Net-ID are also suspended after 30 days.

For more information on this new policy, see the recent Inside Update article, Email access to end for employees who leave Iowa State.

Complete information on the suspension process, including setting up a personal email to be included in the automated reply from suspended accounts is located on the Net-ID Suspension page.