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New Telephone System: What You Need to Know About Installation

This news item expired May 1, 2013. It may contain out-of-date information.

The campus will begin converting to the new telephone system next week. The following buildings will have the new telephones installed on the dates shown below. All telephone systems in this group will be completely converted to the new system at 2 a.m. on Thursday, May 9.

April 29
April 30
Durham, Jacobson
May 1
May 2
Mackay, Atanasoff, Hub, Morrill
May 3
Snedecor, Bessey
May 6
Design, Horticulture, Lebaron
May 7
Sweeney, Library, HNSB, Palmer
May 8
Catt, Town

If your building isn't listed above, you can find your building on the "Building Schedule" on the New Phone System page.

When your new telephone is installed, you will be able to place outbound calls with it and receive some incoming calls, and your old telephone will remain in place and functional until the conversion on May 9. You are encouraged during that time to use the online tutorial and experiment with your new telephone before the full conversion. The installation crew will remove your old telephone some time after the conversion.

All current information regarding the telephone installation process is also available on the New Phone System page.

Q: My building is scheduled for May 6. What does this mean? Will I walk into my office on May 6 and suddenly discover I don't know how to use my phone?

A: If your building is on the schedule for May 6, that means that sometime during the work day on May 6*, a member of the installation crew will bring a new telephone to your office and install it. You will be able to place outbound calls on your new telephone immediately, and receive some inbound calls. Your old telephone will remain in place and functional. At 2:00 a.m. on May 9, all of the buildings that were on the schedule between April 29 and May 8 will be converted to the new system, and your old telephone will no longer be functional. After the conversion, the installation crew will return to your office during business hours to remove your old telephone.

Cut-overs (conversions) are scheduled every Thursday at 2:00 a.m. between May 9 and June 27. So, if your building is on the schedule for May 9, your cut-over will be on May 16 at 2:00 a.m. If your building is on the schedule for June 20, your cut-over will take place on June 27 at 2:00 a.m.

* Note: Due to the many variables involved, telephone installation may vary from one half to one full day from the date shown on the schedule. The cut-over time and date, however, will not fluctuate.

Q: What if I am not in my office on the day that I am scheduled? Will an unauthorized person have access to my office and come in to replace my phone?

A: This scenario will vary by building. If you are scheduled to be out of the office the day of your telephone delivery, contact your department coordinator. If you are just away from your office for a bit during that day, and your office is locked, it is most likely that the installation crew will circle back at a time when you are in your office. Again, this will vary by building.

Q: I have a headset with my current phone. Will I have a headset with my new phone?

A: Yes. Department coordinators and the installation crew are aware of which telephones currently have headsets and are planning for that. It is extremely likely that you will receive your headset with your telephone and that your headset will be functional as soon as your telephone is cut-over to the new system. In some cases, headset users may have to wait a few days after the cut-over to receive their headsets. If you have a corded headset, (Mirage, Supra, or Tristar that you purchased from us) a new adapter cord will be needed to work with the new telephone. Please contact your department coordinator.

Q: I see two different phone models on the service page. How do I know which telephone I will have?

A: Generally, if you currently have a single line telephone, your new telephone will be model 6737i. If you currently have multiple lines or a larger telephone such as the Avaya 8434, or if you have a wireless headset, you will receive model 6739i. We are working with coordinators to determine the best set for you.

Q: How will I know how to use my new phone?

A: The best way to learn the various features and functions on your new telephone is through online training. User Guides for the new phone models are also available in the "Features" section of the New Phone System page. If you have problems, contact your department coordinator, the Solution Center at 515-294-4000, or the Netcom Support Team at 515-294-8565.

Q: Can I have a new phone and keep my current Lync service?

A: If you are a current Lync user, you will not automatically receive a new phone. You need to contact your department coordinator if you would like a new Aastra phone in order to take advantage of the enhanced voice services. If you wish, you can continue to use Lync for instant messaging, presence, and Lync meetings, and an Aastra telephone for voice services.