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New Telephone System: Look for Emails from Voice/Data Coordinators

This news item expired June 1, 2013. It may contain out-of-date information.

Look for an important email from your voice/data coordinator regarding the setup of your new Aastra telephone. Unique default passcodes for setting up voice mail and logging in to the Aastra web portal will be distributed by email from your voice/data coordinator several days before you receive your new telephone (see the Building Schedule). You can find full setup instructions on the how to Set Up Your Aastra Telephone and Features.

The following buildings are scheduled for telephone installation in the coming week. Please be advised, installation can occur within a half to a full day of the schedule.

May 16
  • Howe Hall
  • Music Hall
  • Physics Hall
May 17
  • Davidson Hall
  • Insectary
  • Lagomarcino Hall
May 20
  • Advanced Machinery Systems Laboratory
  • Carver Co-Lab
  • Ames Lab
  • Printing and Publications Building
  • Ames Lab Maintenance Shops
  • Ames Lab Warehouse
  • Industrial Education II
  • Molecular Biology
  • Poultry Lab
May 21
  • Gilman Hall
  • Metals Annex
  • Zaffarano Physics Addition
May 22
  • Armory
  • Biorenewables Research Laboratory
  • Communications Building
  • Genetics Laboratory
  • Hach Hall

For more information regarding the new telephones, check out the New Telephone System: Everything You Need to Know page.