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New Telephone System: What Telephone Do You Use May 31? [Updated!]

This news item expired June 29, 2013. It may contain out-of-date information.

If you have two telephones sitting on your desk, soon the new Aastra model will be the only one that works. Please Set Up Your Aastra Telephone and Features as soon as you receive your new telephone, and begin using it as much as possible.

The following buildings will be converted to the new Aastra telephone on May 31:

  • Atanasoff Hall
  • Bessey Hall
  • Catt Hall
  • College of Design
  • Coover Hall
  • Durham Center
  • Horticulture Hall
  • Hub
  • Human Nutritional Sciences Building
  • Jacobson Athletic Building
  • LeBaron Hall
  • MacKay Hall
  • Morrill Hall
  • Palmer Building
  • Parks Library
  • Snedecor Hall
  • Sweeney Hall
  • Town Engineering Building

Please see the Building Schedule to determine the date on which your new telephone will be installed (if it has not yet been) and the conversion date (the date you will need to be ready to use your Aastra telephone only). At any time after your building's scheduled conversion date, the installation crew will return to retrieve your old telephone.

Watch for emails from your department voice/data coordinator with specific details about what to expect. You can find full setup instructions on the how to Set Up Your Aastra Telephone and Features.

The following buildings are scheduled for telephone installation in the next week:

May 23
  • Campanile
  • Office and Laboratory Building
  • Science Hall
  • Science Hall II
May 24
  • ASB (Controller and Purchasing)
  • Heady Hall
  • East Hall
May 28
  • Kildee Hall
  • Ross Hall
May 29
  • Agronomy Greenhouse
  • Crop Genome Informatics Laboratory
  • Extension Information Technology
  • Farm House
  • Firemanship Training
  • Jischke Honors Building
  • Meats Laboratory
  • National Swine Research and Information Center
  • Soil Tilth (National Laboratory for Agriculture and the Environment)
May 30
  • Forestry Greenhouse
  • Gerdin Business Building
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Plant Pathology Greenhouse
  • Seed Science Building

If you have questions, have not received your new Aastra telephone, or if you are having trouble with it, contact your department voice/data coordinator, the Solution Center at 515-294-4000, or the NetCom Support Team at 515-294-8565.

Please also use the Aastra online tutorial and experiment with your new telephone.