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New Telephone System: Halfway Mark

This news item expired July 13, 2013. It may contain out-of-date information.

A large group of telephone users were converted to the new Aastra telephone system overnight, with more than 4,000 ISU telephones now fully using the Aastra system.

Today's conversion is twice as big as those over the past two weeks, so it may take most of the day on Thursday to remove those lines from the old (Avaya) system, which can cause some service disruptions. During this time, you may need to dial full off-campus telephone numbers (8-515-294-xxxx) for on-campus calls.

Here are a few things to note:

Avaya Voice Messages

Before your telephone is fully converted to the new Aastra system, please clear your old Avaya telephone of any saved messages. These messages will not be transferred to your Aastra system. However, you can still access your Avaya voice messages (for 14 days, through June 30) by dialing 296-6245 and your previous (Avaya) voice mail password.

Fax Machines

If you are having trouble with faxes, please try the following steps before contacting the Solution Center.

  • Disable "SuperG", if available.
  • Set Maximum/Initial Receive (RX) speed to 14,400 or below.
  • Set Maximum/Initial Transmit (TX) speed to 14,400 or below.
  • Enable T.38 support, if available.

You will find more information about setting up the new telephones, including how to set up call forwarding, access voice mail, and the mobile option (simultaneous ring) on the how to Set Up Your Aastra Telephone and Features.

Upcoming Installations

The following buildings are scheduled for telephone installation in the next week, June 14 - 20. Note: Installations are running up to a week ahead of schedule. Look for more information from your voice/data coordinator as your building installation date gets closer.

June 14
  • Cyclone Sports Complex
  • Knapp-Storms Dining Complex
  • Plant Intro 3 bldg
  • Wallace Residence Hall
  • Wallace-Wilson Commons
  • Wilson Residence Hall
June 17
  • Res Park 1, 3, 4, 5, 6
June 18
  • Res Park 2
June 19
  • ISU Dairy Farm
  • ISU Surplus
  • Res Park 7
  • Research Park (CPMI)
  • Research Park node
  • Southgate
  • Sukup Basketball Complex
June 20
  • Schilleter-University Village Laundry
  • Schilletter
  • Schilletter-University Village Community Center
  • Schilletter-University Village node
  • Spangler Geotechnical laboratory
  • University Village Daycare
  • University Village Maintenance
  • Veenker Clubhouse

Upcoming Conversions

The following buildings will convert completely to the Aastra system next Thursday, June 20.

  • Administrative Systems Building (ASB)
  • Agronomy Hall
  • Alumni Center
  • Barton, Lyon, Freeman Residence Hall
  • Bergstrom Football Complex; Indoor Training Facility
  • Birch, Welch, Roberts Residence Halls
  • Buchanan Residence Hall
  • Chiller
  • Curtiss Hall
  • Environmental Health and Safety Services Building
  • Extension 4-H Building
  • Food Sciences Building
  • Forestry Greenhouse
  • Forker Building
  • General Services Building
  • Gerdin Business Building
  • Hamilton Hall
  • Hilton Coliseum
  • Hixson-Lied Student Success Center
  • Horse Barn
  • Information Booth
  • Jack Trice Stadium
  • Knoll
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Larch Residence Hall
  • Library Storage Facility
  • Lied Recreation Athletic Facility
  • Linden Residence Hall
  • Livestock Infectious Disease Isolation Facility
  • Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center
  • Maple Residence Hall
  • Maple-Willow-Larch Commons
  • Oak Elm Addition
  • Oak-Elm Residence Hall
  • Olsen Building
  • Plant Pathology Greenhouse
  • Power Plant
  • Reiman Gardens
  • Ruminant Nutrition Laboratory
  • Scheman Building
  • Seed Science Building
  • Sloss House
  • Stephens Auditorium/Fisher Theatre
  • Transportation Services
  • USDA Greenhouse
  • Veterinary Medicine Childcare
  • Veterinary Medicine Power Plant
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Veterinary Medicine Field Services
  • VMRI bldgs
  • Willow Residence Hall

Please see the Building Schedule to determine the date on which your new telephone will be installed (if it has not yet been) and the conversion date (the date you will need to be ready to use your Aastra telephone only).

If you have questions, contact your department voice/data coordinator, the Solution Center at 515-294-4000, or the NetCom Support Team at 515-294-8565.