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BOREAS-Net Gets 100 Gig Upgrade

This news item expired August 30, 2013. It may contain out-of-date information.

BOREAS-Net, which provides all of ISU's internet connectivity, just got a whole lot bigger. Major upgrades to BOREAS, which was introduced in 2006, occur approximately every five years. This year's upgrade, which will be completed this summer, adds 100 gigabit circuit capacity to the network.

"The upgrade increases capacity to keep up with our demand for bandwidth," said Paul Lustgraaf, network engineer for ITS. "We can now provision circuits of 100 gigabits, ten times what we could do before," Lustgraaf adds. "The upgrade keeps ISU at the cutting edge of network capacity so that the network is not a limiting factor in receiving research grants."

Research capacity is one of the many advantages said Angela Bradley, Director, Systems and Networks. "If researchers need a higher speed point to point connection, this gives them more options." Because upgrades are scheduled, ITS has been planning and saving for this upgrade for five years, she said.

BOREAS-Net (Broadband Optical Research, Education and Sciences Network) is a collaboration/consortium of four major research universities in the upper Midwest. It is a 1500-mile fiber optic network spanning five states and connecting the consortium institutions (Iowa State University, the University of Iowa, the University of Minnesota, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison) to each other and major network peering points in Chicago and Kansas City.

The network provides cost-effective internet service for the partners as well as the Iowa Communications Network (ICN). This collaborative partnership arrangement delivers robust high bandwidth, scalable service that benefits higher education, K-12, community colleges, private colleges, the medical community, judicial, and government.