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New Telephone System: Change Your Passwords

This news item expired September 1, 2013. It may contain out-of-date information.

The initial phase of the new cloud-based telephone installation is complete, and ITS will now focus on additional training and fine-tuning the system. While groundwork is being laid for the next phase, there are a few things to keep in mind.


If somehow the replacement of your telephone was missed, or if you received the wrong type of telephone, call ITS Netcom support at 515-294-8565.


When you received your new Aastra telephone, your department voice/data coordinator provided two default passwords. One was for your Voice Mail; the other was to access the Web portal for setting up features. Please make sure to change these passwords the first time you access Voice Mail and the Web portal. This protects you, and ISU, from hacking schemes.

If you have not yet accessed your Voice Mail or the Web portal and need the default passwords, contact your department voice/data coordinator or the Solution Center. If you have a problem with your password, contact the Solution Center.

Name Change

If you would like to change the name on your telephone, you can do that through the Web portal. Go to "Change Your Display Name" in the how to Set Up Your Aastra Telephone and Features.

Transfer a Call to Someone Else's Voice Mail

To transfer a call to someone else's Voice Mail, simply press *55 and "Transfer". For example, if John Doe has forwarded his calls to you, and you would like to send a call to John Doe's Voice Mail, press *55 and then "Transfer" to John Doe's number.

ITS thanks you for your patience during this massive implementation.

Find more information about setting up your new telephone in the how to Set Up Your Aastra Telephone and Features.