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A New Way to Get Data Access to Administrative Systems

This news item expired September 15, 2013. It may contain out-of-date information.

In the past, if someone wanted to get data access to Administrative Systems, requests were submitted through an informal email process, which wasn't always reliable or efficient.

Now there is a new way to request access, through an online form; it's easy, quick and secure.

Venita Currie, Academic Fiscal Officer for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, has had a chance to use the new form. "It's very easy to use," she said. "A one-stop shop makes it easy for everyone."

The simplified process begins with a user's supervisor or representative filling out a request form; emails will be generated to the appropriate approvers, and will keep all parties, including requestor (supervisor), approvers and data stewards, appropriately informed throughout the process.

If you need access to Administrative Systems data such as accounting, budget, central stores, etc., ask your supervisor to complete the Administrative Systems Request. Your supervisor will need your permanent Net-ID. The same form is used when removing access from a system; for example, if you are leaving a department.

Once your supervisor submits the form and your unit approves the request, the department or office responsible for the data will be automatically contacted for providing access to the data. The data steward may contact the requestor or user laying out further instructions including training, if necessary.

Complete instructions for completing this application are found in the how to Get Access to Administrative Systems.

This service and request form are available beginning August 15. If you have questions, please contact the Solution Center.