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New Telephone Training Sessions Available for All Users

This news item expired September 21, 2013. It may contain out-of-date information.

ITS is offering training sessions for all telephone users on the new telephone system. These new sessions will be led by Magann Orth, who is familiar with how the Aastra system has been configured for Iowa State.

"This training session will be specific to the user and their ISU telephone," Orth said. "I plan to start each session by asking users what features or topics they would like to learn about. Then we will answer questions by building a foundation of basic features, moving on to more advanced options. Many users know the phones have potential for advanced features, and would like some assistance taking advantage of them."

Topics for training include, but are not limited to:


  • Understand your phone
  • Understand Telephone Alerts and Prompts
  • Fix your display name
  • Change your ringtone and volume

Personalizing Your Phone

  • Set up and Access Voice Mail
  • Create and Edit Speed Dials
  • Create and Edit Busy Lamp Fields (BLF)

Handling Calls

  • Forward a Call
  • Transfer a Call
  • Create a Conference Call

Advanced Features

  • Use Feature Access Codes
  • Send Voice Mail to Email
  • Press 0 during Voice Message

Some of the training sessions will cover both models of telephones (6737i and 6739i). Other sessions will focus specifically on one or the other.

"Topics will be same for both types of sessions," Orth said. If you feel you need a more exclusive training session on your particular telephone, you should select a session that is specific to your model.

When you register for telephone training, you will receive a calendar invitation to remind you of the session. If you have specific requests for training topics, please contact Magann Orth.