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Stay Up to Date with Telephone Resources

This news item expired September 30, 2013. It may contain out-of-date information.

Now that you have your new telephone and understand the basics, you will want to stay abreast of new functions, latest updates, tips, and more. It's more important than ever to tune in to ITS, your resource for telephone information.

How to "Use Your Aastra Telephone and Features" has been redesigned and includes "Quick Start Guides," "Training," and "Features Guide". The "Features Guide" is an easy-to-navigate index of telephone instructions for your phone model.

Send us your feedback! The feedback button, on the lower right hand side of the IT home page, is also a tool for you to share secrets and tips with other users.

If you want hands-on training and access to knowledgeable staff, please sign up for a telephone training session. These 90-minute sessions have been tailored specifically for Iowa State and include ITS staff who can address your phone questions and issues.

Telephone Tips

Watch for new tips in IT News, as well as on the how to "Use Your Aastra Telephone and Features".

Tip 1: Speed Dial or Busy Lamp Field (BLF)?

If you are having trouble deciding whether to add a frequent contact as a Speed Dial or a Busy Lamp Field, consider this: a Busy Lamp Field acts as both. If you program a number as a BLF, you can press the BLF softkey to dial the number quickly, as a Speed Dial softkey would.

Tip 2: Use Care Viewing the Callers List

When you press the "Callers" key to view your missed calls, make sure to go back to the main screen (press the "Quit" softkey, or the "Goodbye" key). If you remain on the Callers screen and lift your handset, your phone will automatically dial the number that is on the Callers screen.

Tip 3: Call Forward & Sequential Ring Back to Your Voice Mail

In a call forward ring sequence, if all parties in the list are unable to answer, by default, the voice mail is left on the LAST number in the sequence. If you wish for this number to be YOUR number, then make sure the last number you enter in the sequence is *55 and your extension (*554-XXXX).