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Security Alert: Blackboard Scam

This news item expired October 4, 2013. It may contain out-of-date information.

ITS security officials are monitoring a suspicious email that has been received multiple times on campus in the past week. A link in the email goes to a screen that mimics Blackboard learn and asks for a School User ID, email address, and password.

Warning: Do not click on the link, and do not send your information to this website.

The text of the email is as follows:

Good Afternoon,

An important course form has been posted to you through the Blackboard Learning System.

Please sign in immediately to view the form.
Click here to sign in

Thank you,
Blackboard Learn.

The false login looks like this:

False Blackboard Login

"Be suspicious of any email you get that you weren't expecting," said Andrew Weisskopf, senior systems analyst with Information Technology Services (ITS). "You would never receive an email from Blackboard [the company]; and Blackboard would never send you to a link outside of Iowa State."