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We're Listening! "Please Hold" Telephone Greeting has Gone Away

This news item expired October 13, 2013. It may contain out-of-date information.

ITS received many suggestions about the new Aastra telephone system, and we're working to respond to as many as we can. Many telephone users told us they didn't like the message that incoming callers received saying, "Please hold while we locate the party you are calling." Based on your feedback, that message has been eliminated, and callers now hear ringing only.

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Telephone Tips

Watch for new tips in IT News, as well as on the how to "Use Your Aastra Telephone and Features".

Tip 7: How to Cancel a Transfer or Conference

If you are transferring or conferencing a call and the second party is not available, press the "Cancel" or "Drop" softkey. Since you are dropping that call, you can press "Hold" to return to the first party or press "Transfer" or "Conference" to try another person.

Tip 8: Don't Push the Lock Button

Both telephone models offer a "Lock" softkey. If you press "Lock" it will require an IT person to physically come and unlock your telephone. DO NOT press this button, even though some Aastra instructions include this step.