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Default Spam Rule In Place for Exchange Users October 16

This news item expired October 18, 2013. It may contain out-of-date information.

ITS will soon implement a spam rule for all Outlook (Exchange) email accounts. This rule is not mandatory, but it is default; if you don't want it, you must opt out of the rule.

Very few emails sent from inside ISU will be identified as spam; most will be from outside email addresses that are identified by the system as 60% or greater likely to be spam.

"Many people have applied spam rules to their own accounts that are even more stringent than the default rule we are implementing," said senior systems analyst Mike Lohrbach. The downside of applying a default rule, Lohrbach said, is that some legitimate emails may be sent the junk folder; this is highly unlikely, he says.

The rule will be applied to all Exchange accounts on October 16. If you wish to opt out, please email by October 9.

After October 16, if you wish to disable or modify the default rule, or if you want to create your own rule, go to how to Manage Spam (Exchange).

In addition to saving the time you spend sorting through spam email, this rule will also reduce the number of passwords inadvertently shared through phishing scams.

Once a message is placed in your Junk E-mail folder, it will stay there for 30 days; it will then be moved to the Deleted Items folder where it will stay for another 30 days. If you see a message in your Junk E-mail or Deleted Items folder that was inadvertently identified as spam, you can drag it to your Inbox. You can then create an exception for the sender of that message.

If you have already placed a spam rule in your Outlook (Exchange) account, the default rule will not be applied to your account. If you have any disabled rules, those rules will be removed when the ISU Spam rule is applied to your account.