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Record More Than One Telephone Greeting

This news item expired October 26, 2013. It may contain out-of-date information.

Most telephone users find that there are times when they need to use multiple voice mail greetings, and need to be able to change them easily. Through the new Aastra telephone system, you can create up to five voice mail greetings; two through your telephone, and three more through the web portal.

You don't need to be at your desk to change your greetings; if you configure greetings through the web portal, you can change them from home or the lab; anywhere you have access to the internet.

The simplest type of greeting, such as "I am on the phone" or "I am away from my desk," can be recorded through your telephone. If you have a 6737i model, press the "Voice Mail" softkey on the top left; on the 6739i model, press the "Messages" key on the top right. Press "1" and listen for the prompts. The prompt to change your greetings comes after the prompt to listen to your messages.

If you want more greetings, you can record and upload them through the phone Web portal. First, you will need to record a .wav file. To record your greetings, ITS recommends a program called Audacity. If you select a program other than Audacity, there are certain parameters that need to be followed in order for the file to be compatible with the Aastra system. Once you have recorded your greetings, you can load them into the phone Web portal.

All of the instructions you need for downloading Audacity, making sure your audio files are configured correctly, and uploading the greetings to the portal can be found on the how to Use Your Aastra Telephone and Features page under "Voice Mail", "Personalize Your Voice Mail Greetings". If you have questions or problems, contact the Solution Center.

Telephone Tips

Watch for new tips in IT News, as well as on the how to Use Your Aastra Telephone and Features.

Tip 10: Number of Rings Before Voice Mail Greeting

The telephone system is set, by default, to ring three times before sending a call to voice mail. You can change that through the phone Web portal. In the left navigation, click "Messaging", then "Greetings". At the bottom of the page, use the drop down menu to select how many rings before the voice mail greeting is activated. If you change it, make sure to click "Apply".

Tip 11: Hold Music

Did you know everyone now has hold music? There is no longer a fee or opt in. Whenever you put a caller on hold, start a new line, or start a conference, the caller will hear the hold music. When the music is playing, both parties will see a musical note on their phone.