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It's Never Too Late for Training

This news item expired December 3, 2013. It may contain out-of-date information.

New features are being added to the new telephone system regularly. Many telephone users on campus have found that attending a face-to-face training session is helpful, not just for new features, but also for all the tricks and techniques that make the new system unique.

Two new training sessions have been added for this semester. They are Wednesday, October 30 and Tuesday, December 3. You may sign up for telephone training sessions online.

"If you have already attended a training session, you may learn new things by attending one of the new sessions," said Magann Orth, ITS educational trainer. "We are always adding new features, and we have also found that the people who attend the sessions sometimes have tips to share with the rest of the group."

Susan Radke, secretary in Naval Science, attended a recent training session. "It was very thorough," she said. "The trainers understood our needs and were able to explain how the system can be personalized for each office and each individual."

When you come to training, it's always helpful to bring a list of questions you may have, as well as tips you might want to share with others.

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Telephone Tips

Watch for new tips in IT News, as well as on the how to "Use Your Aastra Telephone and Features".

Tip 12: "Button Setups" are Now "Softkey Templates"

On the old telephone system, they were "Button Setups." Now they're called "Softkey Templates". No matter what it's called, it's the way programmable keys are configured on your telephone. Each user can decide how many Busy Lamp Field softkeys they would like, and where they should appear, as well as Speed Dials, Do Not Disturb, and other features.

The Softkey Templates section of how to "Use Your Aastra Telephone and Features" lists all the standard templates available for each telephone model. When you have selected your softkey template, complete and submit the Telephone Template Request found in that section. ITS anticipates numerous requests for templates, and we appreciate your patience as we give each request the attention it deserves.