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Moving Your Phone to a New Jack

This news item expired November 11, 2013. It may contain out-of-date information.

When you move your campus telephone to a new building, a new office, or just around the corner, it's important to take care of just ONE more tiny detail. This step ensures that, if you need to dial 911, campus emergency officials will know where to find you.

You may move your own telephone when you change locations; you don't need to have an ITS staff member move it for you. Here's how:

  1. Go to the ITS Forms page.
  2. Under "Mobile and Telephone" click on "Telephone 911 Location Update Request".
  3. Complete the form and click "Submit".

Over the next several weeks, an ITS staff member will come to your office to place a new sticker on your telephone; the sticker details the steps for moving your phone.

Some jacks may not be operational, or may not be programmed for the type of telephone that you have. In that case, ITS staff, once they receive your online request, will come to your location and reconfigure the new jack.

For more information, visit the how to Use Your Aastra Telephone and Features on the IT website. For regular updates on your phone and other IT news, subscribe to IT News. For assistance with your telephone, contact the Solution Center at or 515-294-4000.

Telephone Tips

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Tip 13: Replying to Voice Messages via Email

One of the many features of the Aastra telephone system is the ability to receive voice mail messages through your email inbox. It is possible to reply to a voice message via email if the caller has completed his or her profile in the phone Web portal. In order to make it easier for others to reply to your voice mail messages via email, complete the following steps:

  1. Sign on to the phone Web portal.
  2. Click on "Profile".
  3. Under "Additional Information", fill in your email address.
  4. Click "Apply".
  5. Click "OK".