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Security Alert: Check Out Conference Invites Thoroughly

This news item expired June 30, 2014. It may contain out-of-date information.

University officials are aware of a new strategy in an old scam; invitations to attend (and pay for) conferences and meetings that don't exist. Recent attempts have become more authentic looking, with professionally designed websites, and using the names of real people in lists of committee members and registrants.

Before submitting papers, or registering for ANY conference or meeting, make sure that it's a legitimate event. More information about this type of scam, which is increasing in higher education, can be found on the New York Times website.

In order to help identify many frauds and scams, ITS has launched a campaign to educate faculty, staff, and students about how to determine the legitimacy of websites and emails. The "Don't Be Fooled" campaign, located on the IT website, includes an instructional video and quiz.

Forward any suspicious messages to

abuse (at) iastate (dot) edu
. The ITS security team will investigate the issue and contact you if they need more information.

For questions or help, contact the Solution Center (515-294-4000 or

solution (at) iastate (dot) edu
). For more information, visit the ITS Stay Cyber Safe web page.