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High-Speed Network Upgrades Caused Service Interruptions

This news item expired August 9, 2014. It may contain out-of-date information.

ITS has been upgrading network routers and fiber connections this summer to provide very high speed 100 Gbps connectivity on both the campus backbone and the Internet.

We have completed about 75% of the project, but the core router upgrades this week have been problematic, causing telephone service disruption, slow network connections, and sporadic VPN and email service. Though service degradation was unexpected, engineers and vendor support have identified a solution to today's issues.

Please be assured that the upgrade is necessary to support the increased Internet bandwidth required for campus and that the telephone system and email system are both performing well, just experiencing intermittent connectivity.

We apologize for the extended network connectivity issues and understand the urgency and critical nature of both telephone and network service. More information will be posted to the ITS Critical Events Log as it becomes available.