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Security Alert: Dropbox Phishing Scam

This news item expired August 15, 2014. It may contain out-of-date information.

University security officials are aware of a new strategy in an old scam; using Dropbox as a location to host malware. This is happening in colleges and universities across the country.

"The current scam talks about an invoice that you need to see," said Wayne Hauber with IT Security at ISU. If you use Dropbox, beware of messages that contain a link such as the following, or something similar:

https : // www. /s/e6h3pdzc64ipclq/Invoice_120.PDF.scr?dl=1

"Early indications are that the link will change rapidly," Hauber cautions, so it may not appear exactly like the one above. "This appears to be a very new ploy and one that is worth our attention," he said. Hauber notes that CyBox, which is operated through, not Dropbox, is not affected.

To help prevent fraud, forward any suspicious messages to

abuse (at) iastate (dot) edu
. The ITS security team will investigate the issue and contact you if they need more information.

For questions or help, contact the Solution Center (515-294-4000 or

solution (at) iastate (dot) edu
). For more information, visit the ITS Stay Cyber Safe web page.