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Sept 28 Open House Showcases IT for the Classroom

This news item expired September 28, 2005. It may contain out-of-date information.
An open house from 1 to 4 pm on Wednesday, September 28, showcases a range of services and resources available on campus to faculty and instructors for use in teaching and learning. Sponsored by Information Technology Services, the event will be held in the Durham Center atrium. Brief descriptions of topics and presentations can be found below. ==== Academic Technologies ==== Classroom Services Get more familiar with the technology available in your classroom. Find out what is available, and what you can add when you need it. CPSrf Pilot (otherwise known as "the clicker project") Student response technology is returning to the classroom in a more affordable form. Learn more about Iowa State‘s FY06 pilot project, utilizing the CPSrf (Classroom Performance System, radio frequency) system by eInstruction. Learn where this technology exists in classrooms on campus, and how to get help with implementation. Creating Instructional Objects How can multimedia help your students understand complex concepts? See examples of instructional Flash files, video clips, animations, and graphics. eDoc The eDoc project, a multi-year, multi-unit collaboration among different colleges at Iowa State University, involves developing a campus-wide, web-based electronic portfolio system. The eDoc project allows students (undergraduate and graduate) to collect and present evidence demonstrating academic and professional competencies to faculty advisors, departments, and potential employers. It also allows students to interact and collaborate with their peers in a professional and scholarly manner. Geographic Information Systems The GIS Support and Research Facility, a public computing facility, was established to support the use of geographic information system (GIS) technology at Iowa State University. Its mission is to provide a high-level GIS research support laboratory for students, faculty and staff as well as to provide GIS education and outreach to the ISU community and the state of Iowa. During the open house, GIS Facility staff will demonstrate examples of collaborative research that they have been involved with over the last several years. High Performance Computing Iowa State offers HPC resources for student and instructional use in its HPC Student Cluster. The Cluster gives students hands-on experience with high performance computing and provides them with a professional edge when competing in today‘s job market. The HPC Student Cluster is also available to faculty to use for instructional purposes. Iowa State is the only school among its 11 peer land-grant universities to offer HPC facilities dedicated exclusively for students and instructional use in any academic field, and to students pursuing their own educational or personal research interests without the approval or sponsorship of a faculty member. IT Services staff in the High Performance Computing (HPC) Group provide training, assistance, and support for research and high performance computing. Test and Evaluation Services Supported services include scoring bubblesheet exams, scoring surveys, and producing statistical reports of the results for the educational community at Iowa States. Instructor evaluations are also processed within a standard set of options. Exam results are provided in electronic forms that can be used by instructors with other gradebook software or spreadsheets. Faculty are also encouraged to look at the gradekeeping features of WebCT, which includes online access by students and automatic transfer of final grades. ==== AccessPlus”Faculty/Adviser Services ==== AccessPlus provides faculty and advisers access to student information and photos, class lists, and much more. Registrar and IT Services staff will be available to demonstrate and answer questions about these services. ==== Assistive Technology Lab ==== Highlights include some of the special technologies that are helping students with disabilities here at Iowa State as well as information about using assistive technology in the classroom. ==== CIO Office ==== Jim Davis and John Kingland will be on hand to meet faculty, answer questions, and learn more about your academic technology needs. ==== Computer Service ==== Computer Service provides on-campus repair and service for supported desktops, laptops, and printers. Warranty and post-warranty service is available for personal and departmental equipment as well as equipment upgrades. ==== IT Security ==== IT Security staff will provide information on how to keep your computers safe and secure using the "Top Ten Computer Security Tips". They will also answer questions on how to manage spam and phishing emails, and what to do if your computer system has been compromised. ==== Red Hat Enterprise Linux ==== Members of Iowa State‘s Red Hat implementation team will be on hand to answer questions and describe the software, technical support, and training available for faculty, staff, and students interested in this highly popular and very flexible operating system. ==== Software and Computer Sales ==== Did you know... ---the computer bulk pricing available to departments is also available to you for personal purchases? ---the university has a "work at home rights" option that allows you to purchase Microsoft Office for use on your home computer for $6? ---Computer Sales sells computers, software, peripherals, accessories, and lots of iPods at educational discount pricing? ==== Solution Center ==== Stop by and visit our newly revamped and reorganized Solution Center in 195 Durham Center. We are here to help you with IT services and resources, including those for instructional use.