Data Warehouse (eData)

Effective: January 1, 2009
Contact: Pam Elliott Cain


Administrative data captured and maintained at Iowa State University are a valuable university resource. The Iowa State eData warehouse contains integrated data from multiple operational areas to support institutional research, business analysis, reporting, budget planning, personnel planning, and decision-making.

The purpose of this policy is to establish uniform data management standards, and to identify the shared responsibilities assuring the eData warehouse provides security, protects privacy, and has integrity while efficiently and effectively serving the needs of Iowa State University.

Policy Statement

Access to administrative information will be provided to employees for the support of university functions. The breadth and depth of access is determined by the role of the individual and may be contingent upon training about applicable data policies and responsibilities. Security and privacy will be prioritized over access.

Guiding Principles for Data Access, Security, and Privacy

The overarching goal in the data policy is to strike a balance among data access, data security, and privacy. The value of data as a university resource is increased through its widespread and appropriate use; however, its value is diminished if misinterpreted, misused, or abused. Access can be expanded as needed, but privacy breaches can seldom be repaired and security, once violated, can compromise the financial integrity, reputation, functionality, and stability of the university.

As an educational institution with a mission to create, share, and apply knowledge, Iowa State University values accessibility to and the timeliness and accuracy of information while fully appreciating the basic security and privacy requirements involved. However, dissemination of academic or research knowledge (scholarly information) should not be confused with dissemination of information and knowledge used to manage and operate the university. This latter class of operational data and information should be readily available within the university. Therefore, permission to view or query data contained in the eData warehouse should be granted to data users for legitimate purposes. Access for updating should be restricted as necessary, but granted to university employees at the location where data are initially received or originated whenever this is feasible. Information specifically protected by law or regulation or university policy must be rigorously protected from inappropriate access. However, as opportunities and requirements evolve, access permissions must be able to adapt to new circumstances as authorized by appropriate university officials.

The Iowa State University Information Technology (IT) Security Policy and all associated IT policies apply to the eData warehouse.

Authoritative Source

The eData warehouse is derived from official university records and is considered an official authoritative source of university data.

Data Management Roles and Responsibilities


Responsibility for the eData Policy is vested with the President who will rely on the recommendations of the Information Technology Executive Committee (ITEC).

Information Technology Executive Committee

ITEC is responsible for overseeing the policies and procedures of the eData warehouse and the direction of the eData Leadership Group. Members of ITEC include the Senior Vice President and Provost, the Senior Vice President for Business and Finance, the Senior Vice President for Student Affairs, and the Office of the Chief Information Officer (CIO). 

eData Leadership Group

This group, appointed by the Senior Vice President and Provost, develops recommendations for data management policies and procedures and strategic direction for the eData warehouse. This shall include evaluation and prioritization of campus-wide data sets and reporting requirements.

Data Stewards

These are directors of university services units who oversee the capture, integrity, maintenance and dissemination of data for a particular operation according to the defined data policies and procedures. Data stewards are responsible for assuring that the applications that capture and update data incorporate edit and validation checks to protect the integrity of the data.

eData Coordinators

The eData coordinators group includes a cross section of the data users from across campus. They facilitate the implementation of eData warehouse including testing, reporting, training, and identification of new data reporting needs.

Data Users

Data users are individuals who access university data in order to perform their assigned duties or to fulfill their role in the university community. Data users are responsible for protecting their access privileges and for proper use and protection of the data they access.