Sponsored Net-IDs

Sponsored Net-IDs are available to provide temporary access to select university IT services for a specific business purpose.

Types of Sponsored Net-IDs

Types of sponsored Net-IDs:

  • Existing: Sponsor the continued existence of an existing student or employee Net-ID
  • Affiliate: Sponsor a new Net-ID for a person who is neither a student nor employee of Iowa State (e.g., visiting scholar, scientist, researcher, or for another university business purpose as determined by the administrative officer or their delegate)
  • Role: Sponsor a new Net-ID for a university business function (e.g., a "departmental" Net-ID)
  • Secondary: Sponsor a new Net-ID for a student employee (typically for the purposes of an Exchange mailbox/calendar)

Request a Sponsored Net-ID

A university employee may request to sponsor a Net-ID by:

  1. Logging into ASW 
  2. Selecting 'Manage Sponsored Net-IDs' followed by 'Request a Sponsored Net-ID'
    Note: The request will be forwarded to a university administrative officer for approval; for an employee (non-C/XH-base) sponsoring a Net-ID for their student employees, no further approval is required

Approval Process

The administrative officer or delegate reviews and approves (or denies) a sponsorship request:

  1. Log into ASW
  2. Select 'Manage Sponsored Net-IDs' followed by 'Review/Approve Sponsorship Requests'
    Note: Delegates may not approve their own requests.

An administrative officer may delegate this right to others by:

  1. Log into ASW
  2. Select 'Manage Sponsored Net-IDs' followed by 'Manage Sponsorship Delegation'

Renewing Sponsored Net-IDs

The approver of a sponsored Net-ID is responsible for reviewing the purpose of the Net-ID and for working with the sponsor to terminate the Net-ID when appropriate. It is expected that the sponsored Net-ID will be terminated when that business purpose has been fulfilled.

To renew a sponsored Net-ID:

  1. A renewal reminder will be sent to the sponsor of the Net-ID
  2. If the sponsor wishes to renew the Net-ID, they will send the reminder to an authorized approver

Sponsored Net-IDs need to be renewed depending on the purpose:

Role Net-IDs: Must be reviewed/reapproved every fall (by October 1).

Existing, Affiliate, and Secondary Net-IDs: Must be reviewed/renewed every spring (by March 1) and fall (by October 1).

Suspension Procedure

The Net-ID suspension procedure are described in the following: