Map of Outdoor Wireless Zones, additional details later on page

Outdoor Wireless (Wi-Fi) at Iowa State

Campus users will now be able to access wireless internet in select outdoor areas around campus. The Eduroam, IASTATE and Guest networks are available to users (NetReg required for IASTATE). 

Wireless Zones that are Live

  • North of the Memorial Union, encompassing the Fountain of the Four Seasons
  • West of the Memorial Union, encompassing the terrace
  • South of Parks Library, between Durham Center and The Hub
  • Agronomy Hall courtyard
  • Plaza west of Curtiss Hall
  • Plaza east of Curtiss Hall
  • East of the Student Innovation Center, between Sweeney Hall and Hoover Hall
  • South of The Hub and Morrill Hall to Beardshear Hall
  • South of MacKay Hall, between LeBaron Hall and Palmer Building
  • Plaza west of Gerdin Business Building and South of Sloss House
  • South of Catt Hall, encompassing the Plaza of Heroines


Locations are approximate and are subject to change.