Iowa State University

ITInformation Technology

Media Enhanced Classrooms


ITS is responsible for maintaining media equipment in general classrooms across campus. We can also help colleges and departments design and install systems in new class spaces as well as update existing installations.


Of the university's over 200 general classrooms, all with an overhead projector and a projection screen, more than 170 are equipped with varying degrees of advanced instructional technology. Classrooms may include:

  • Data projectors and monitors
  • Video playback (DVD and videotape)
  • Document cameras
  • Audio systems
  • Access to the campus network

View equipment availability by room by visiting Classroom Equipment, or view photos and locations of all general classrooms on campus on the Facilities Planning & Management Room Scheduling website.

Media Installation

Media equipment purchase recommendations and installation services can be provided to departments or other campus users. Purchase specification recommendations can be made for instructional technology applications that either parallel current campus equipment, or change to meet differing user needs. Installation of that hardware and software can also be contracted.