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ITS offers file storage services for all ranges of storage needs including large research data sets, departmental files, file backups, and personal home directories for students, faculty, and staff.

CyBox (Cloud Storage)

CyBox (Cloud Storage)

CyBox is Iowa State's implementation of cloud storage. CyBox provides storage and collaborative tools for sharing files within and external to Iowa State. CyBox includes an unlimited quota of cloud-based file storage and sharing for all faculty, staff, and students with a valid Iowa State Net-ID.

Files you store on CyBox can be accessed anywhere from multiple devices including on mobile devices with the app for iOS and Android.

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Other Storage Options


  • MyFiles (Storage for Departments/Groups)

    MyFiles is the storage service for faculty and staff to store files that need to be accessed by a department or group. Click this box for more information about accessing and using MyFiles.


ITS file storage services include:

  • Availability on or off campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Off campus access currently requires use of the VPN (MyFiles)
  • Ability to request additional storage (MyFiles) as needed, or from the Solution Center (CyBox).
  • Billing based on space used after initial allotment.
  • Ability to set permissions yourself (CyBox) or by a designated admin (MyFiles).
  • Backup checkpoints. Hourly, daily, and weekly point-in-time, recoverable, copies of files. 31 total for MyFiles.
  • Versioning. (CyBox)


ITS storage services require:

  • ISU Net-ID
  • Fund Account Number (MyFiles)


Service Cost /Unit
CyBox No Charge  / Unlimited
MyFiles No Charge
 / First 1TB *
 / GB/month over 1TB

* Each of the seven colleges is allocated the first 1TB of MyFiles storage at no charge. All other units, and storage for colleges over 1TB, are charged at the $0.10/GB/month rate.