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Administrative Systems

Administrative Systems


Contact: Katie Wiegand or Teresa Wacha, Controller's Department

  • Kuali Financial System (KFS); Web FM; e-Reports (eData Recommended)
    Most accounting maintenance and financial processing is completed in KFS. This system allows clients to process payments, transfers, distributions of income/expense, transaction correction, service/internal billing, and deposit funds.
  • Equipment Inventory
    This system is used to record, track, and depreciate moveable equipment.
  • Service Billing (SB) in KFS (Formerly "Intramural Billing")
    Access allows the user to create transactions for sales and services between departments. SB transactions do not route for approval and should be used by on-going, frequent service providers.

Contact: Dave Baker or Bill Cahill, Controller's Department

  • Employee Reimbursement System
    This system can be used to reimburse employees for travel or non-travel expenses, and to order air tickets from our contracted travel agency. All employees have rights to enter their own reimbursements. However, to obtain rights as an approver, proxy, or to enter expenses on behalf of another person requires completing an Employee Reimbursement System Routing form for a specific department code. The form is available at

Accounts Receivable

Contact: Duane Reeves, Accounts Receivable

  • Accounts Receivable
    This system is available for departments that routinely bill their clients through the university's receivables system. It provides information about customer accounts, charges, payments, and credits.


Contact: Geoffrey Janes, Admissions

  • Admissions
    This system provides information about prospective and newly admitted students. Information includes name and address, entrance exam scores, and high school and transfer school transcript information. To request access to this system, please also complete the Admissions Information Systems Access Request.


Contact: Pat Strah, VPBF Budget Officer

  • Budget
    This system is used by all major units at ISU to update budget information for the next fiscal year.

Central Stores

Contact: Tami Wicks, Central Stores

  • Central Stores
    This system allows clients to order supplies from Central Stores online. It includes the online stores catalog, and provides the client with the ability to specify delivery time and give other special instructions.

EASE (Employee Activity Summary of Effort)

Contact: Tom Coy, Controller's Department

  • EASE (Employee Activity Summary of Effort)
    This system is used to record activities in which employees participate. This data is then used to print EASE forms for confirmation of direct effort on federal and state sponsored programs, documentation of cost sharing on sponsored programs, quantification of faculty and staff effort for reports required centrally and mandated by the state, and allocation of research space.

eContent (Enterprise Content Management)

Contact: Lisa Smith, Information Technology Services

  • eContent (Enterprise Content Management)
    This system provides access to documents and other content through the uBusiness tab in AccessPlus. It is used by individual university departments and colleges to support paperless archiving and business processes.

eData (Data Warehouse)

Contact: Kevin DeRoos, Information Technology Services

  • eData (Data Warehouse)
    Access to the university's eData reports is through the uBusiness tab in AccessPlus. Reports are available for Student, Employee, Financial Reporting, Sponsored Programs Reporting, and Resource Management Model.

Graduate College

Contact: Judy Strand, Graduate College

  • Graduate Faculty
    This system contains information about faculty teaching at the graduate level.
  • Graduate Students
    This system contains information about ISU graduate students. Information about committee appointments, program of study, and graduate college admission is available.

Contact: Ann Guddall, Graduate College

  • Graduate Scholarships
    This systems is used to enter tuition and other awards for graduate students.

Human Resources

Contact: Cindy Van Loon, University Human Resources

  • Employee Data (ADIN)
  • Employee Data w/Faculty Details (ADIN)
  • Onboarding Status (AccessPlus)
    This screen tracks the progress of a New Hire in completing essential processes in order to become an active employee.

Institutional Research

Contact: Gebre Tesfagiorgis, Institutional Research

  • Institutional Research
    This system provides twelve years of departmental summary data to support planning, program review, and decision making. It reports the number of ISU staff by fund source, employee classification, gender, ethnic group, and several other criteria. In the future, data on students, finances, courses, and facilities will be added.


Contact: Doug Anderson, Payroll

  • Electronic Forms
    This system is used to approve electronic personnel actions created in the payroll commitment system.
  • Hourly Time Entry
    This system allows clients to enter hourly time information online into the university's payroll system. Another mechanism for entering hourly time information is through the vendor software product Tracy Time. This software captures employee punches from a time clock and creates a file of hourly payroll data that is then transferred to Information Technology Services for payroll processing.
  • Payroll Commitment
    This system contains all payroll commitments made by each university account in the current and previous fiscal years. Amounts by individual and account are available. This system is also used to originate electronic personnel action.
  • Payroll Register
    This system allows a department to view employee charges by payday and fund account.

Procurement Services

Contact: Lesley Lackore, Procurement Services

  • cyBUY - Releaser
    This system allows clients to receive cyBUY releases from department shoppers and submit them to vendors. Training is required before update rights are granted.
  • Requisitioning - Requisitioner/Verifier
    This system allows clients to enter purchase requisitions and route them through the approval process and to the procurement services department. Training is required before update rights are granted.
  • Purchasing Card - Validator/Reallocator
    This system allows clients to reconcile and approve purchasing card transactions. Training is required before update rights are granted.

Sponsored Programs Administration

Contact: Rick Charles, Information Technology Services

  • KC Award Viewer
    This allows ISU sponsored program administrators to request access to award information in the Kuali Coeus (KC) Award module. Based on the assigned role of the user, the user will have view-only permissions for awards with a specific Pl, department (Lead Unit) or lead Org Unit (RRC/College/VP).


Contact: Karen Terpstra or Amber Tiarks, Registrar's Office

  • DARS/u.achieve
    Degree audits are major-specific listings of the requirements needed to earn a degree. The degree audit places the courses a student has taken or is registered for into degree requirements showing progress toward a degree. Access will not be granted until the Request Degree Audit Access form is submitted by your college classification officer.

Contact: Sly Upah, Registrar's Office

  • Class List (AccessPlus)
  • Course Catalog
  • Degree Audit (ADIN)
    This system contains information about a student's degree program. Course adjustments and substitutions to the approved university degree program will be recorded in this system.
  • Fee Assessment
    This system contains current fee assessment information. A detailed log of fee assessment changes is also available.
  • Permanent Record
    This system provides a historical record of a student's academic course work, grade summary information, and degrees conferred.
  • Student Information (AccessPlus)
    This system contains biographical information about ISU students including name, addresses, curriculum, and year in school.
  • Student Information (ADIN)
  • Student Scheduling
    This system contains students' current course schedules. Display screens available in this system include student schedules with meeting times, a complete log of all adds and drops by a student, and current class lists. Information about section limits and enrollments is also available.