Administrative Information Systems (ADIN/ISUAS)

Administrative Information Systems (ADIN/ISUAS) contains the systems used to conduct university business that have not yet been moved to Workday. Many of these systems still contain Legacy data. If you need access to any of the systems that have not been moved or access to the Legacy data, please complete the Administrative Systems Request form, linked below.

Available Systems and Data Stewards

View the Administrative Systems and Data Stewards contact information available to users.

Requesting Access to ADIN/ISUAS

To request permission to access or to remove access, ask your supervisor to fill out the Administrative Systems Request Form.

Filling out the Administrative Systems Request Form

  1. Open the Administrative Systems Request Form (will not work in IE10)
    Note: do not save this form as a draft
  2. Fill out the Request For information
    • Effective Date: enter a date only if it is different than the date the form is submitted
    • Add/Remove: select if adding or removing data access
    • Name/Net-ID: Enter the user’s Name/Net-ID for who access is requested
    • Default Employing Department: do not modify
    • Change of Department: If the default employing department is incorrect, identify the correct department
    • Fiscal/Financial Approver: select the fiscal/financial approver of the system to be modeled
    • Additional Information To Consider This Request: Indicate which specific system(s) should be modeled
  3. Complete the Administrative Systems information
    • For each system access is requested, check the box(es) to indicate adding data access
    • For each system access if being removed, uncheck the box(es) to indicate removing data access
  4. When finished select Submit in the upper left corner - do not "save as draft"
  5. You will receive an e-mail when the request is submitted and when Iowa State IT has addressed the login for the user
  6. The data owner(s) will contact you when the system(s) requested are available.

Accessing ADIN/ISUAS

Access to ADIN/ISUAS requires specific software to connect.

Installing the Software

Contact the Solution Center to access the software.

Logging into ADIN/ISUAS

ADIN/ISUAS uses your Net-ID and your AccessPlus password to login.