Audience Engagement for Students

Top Hat is an interactive, cloud-based teaching platform that leverages students' mobile devices to increase in-class engagement and get real-time feedback.

Top Hat License

Purchasing a License

If your instructor uses Top Hat, the Iowa State University Book Store will add it to your required course materials list. You will need to purchase a Top Hat license from the Iowa State University Book Store or through the Top Hat website before you will be able to access the Top Hat course materials. By ordering through the ISU Book Store you can use your Student Financial Aid account (U-Bill) to purchase the license(s).

A Top Hat Classroom license covers all courses that use Top Hat for the duration of the license period and is available in the following options:
•    Four-year license: $63.00
•    One-year license: $32.00
•    One-semester license: $21.00
Premium Top Hat Marketplace content (textbook) licenses must be purchased separately for each class in which they are used.

Redeeming your ISU Book Store Code

If you purchase a Top Hat license through the ISU Book Store, you will receive a redemption code that needs to be converted into a Top Hat access key prior to use on the Top Hat website. To redeem your code go to For help in completing this process, read the Top Hat article on redeeming bookstore codes or watch the video below.


Creating your account

To create a Top Hat account, you will need the Top Hat Join Code provided by Top Hat or your instructor. Note: You must sign up with your Iowa State e-mail.

To create an account:

1.    Go to the Top Hat website 
2.    Select 'Sign-up'
3.    Select 'Student' and follow the on-screen instructions

For help creating an account visit the student section of Iowa State University – Single Sign-On Account Setup.

Accessing your Account

You can access your Top Hat account (answer questions, view grades, etc.) using most computer web browsers, and through the Top Hat app for your Android or iOS device. For other devices, such as Windows Phone, use the built-in browser.

Go to the Top Hat website or click the link in your Canvas course navigation.

There is no limit on the number of devices you can use to access Top Hat. If you do not have a computer or smart-device to use, visit equipment & laptop checkout services to borrow a laptop or device.


Contact Top Hat Support or the IT Solution Center.