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Dedicated Private Circuits (BOREAS-Net/Internet)


Researchers at Iowa State University can acquire private dedicated BOREAS-Net/Internet connections to their research partners located throughout the world.

As a member of the Broadband Optical Research, Education, and Science Network (BOREAS-Net) and Internet2, Iowa State University and IT Services can arrange dedicated private BOREAS-Net circuits to virtually any location, including:

  • Any U.S. University or college
  • Many U.S. Government research facilities
  • European, Asian, and other International education institutions
  • Other Internet2 member organizations


Dedicated private circuits are typically used for:

  • Delay-sensitive network connections to remotely control precision instruments.
  • Proprietary data needing an extra layer of privacy [NOT high security- ED].
  • Connections without any delay caused by other Internet users.
  • High-speed data transfers to other closed networks.
  • Specialized network technology that does not use Internet protocols (TCP/IP), such as storage solutions.


Costs are recovered by ITS based on:

  • Size of the connection required. Typical sizes are One Gigabit Per second Ethernet (1Gbps), Ten Gigabit per Second (10Gbps), to 100 Gigabit Per Second Ethernet [100Gbps].
  • Length-of-time required to use the dedicated private BOREAS-Net/Internet circuits.
  • Off-campus locations connected to the dedicated private BOREAS-Net/Internet circuits.