Classroom Technology

Iowa State IT maintains media equipment in general classrooms across campus, and helps colleges and departments design, install and update media systems in class spaces.

Classroom Equipment

Iowa State has general classrooms on campus all containing a video projector and a projection screen. Most of these classrooms are equipped with varying degrees of advanced instructional technology, including audio systems, wireless access, and the ability to display multiple types of information. Instructors or presenters will need to have their own computer to connect to classroom equipment. Contact the Solution Center for information on what equipment is available in each classroom, and for training on how to use the equipment in each classroom.

To report equipment problems: Contact the Solution Center.


Visit the Facilities Planning & Management Room Scheduling website to schedule, access, and view photos and locations of classrooms on campus.

Media Installation

Iowa State IT can provide departments, and other users on campus, media equipment purchase recommendations and installation services. Contact the Solution Center to request equipment and software.