E-mail for Students (CyMail)

CyMail is Iowa State's implementation of Google's Gmail system for students. It provides e-mail, calendaring, file sharing, and storage in an integrated environment.

Accessing your E-mail

To access CyMail:

  1. Go to cymail.iastate.edu
  2. Use your Net-ID and password to sign in


  1. Go to login.iastate.edu
  2. Select the CyMail tile to be logged in automatically

Setting up your E-mail on a Mobile Device

Using the Gmail app

First time using the app:

Follow the onscreen instructions using your CyMail address (netid@iastate.edu) and password.

Adding CyMail as a secondary account:

  1. Open the Gmail app and select the drop down menu icon
  2. Select the down arrow next to your currently selected account
  3. Add your account 
    • Android users: select Add Account
    • iPhone users: select Manage Accounts then select Add Account
  4. Enter your Iowa State e-mail address (netid@iastate.edu) and password when asked to fill in your Gmail address

Using the Mail app (iPhone Only)

  1. Open the Mail app
  2. Select Google
  3. Enter your Iowa State e-mail address (netid@iastate.edu) and password when asked to fill in your Gmail address


    Forwarding E-mails to CyMail

    For Gmail accounts:

    Follow the standard instructions for forwarding Gmail  to CyMail.

    For all other provider accounts (e.g. Yahoo, Hotmail):

    Refer to the specific provider for forwarding instructions.


    Sending a Mass E-mail

    Students can request a mass e-mail be sent to all, or part, of the Iowa State community, using the mailing service, Constant Contact.


    The fee to use Constant Contact is $26, paid with a departmental intramural form (contact your department), or charged to the sender’s U-Bill. There may be an additional cost to request specific lists.


    A minimum of two business days is required to process mass e-mail requests; keep this in mind when scheduling the send date for your e-mail. Your request will not be processed until Iowa State IT receives your payment, recipient list, and any images, if applicable. Once your request is processed you will receive ONE test e-mail that you will need to review and approve before Iowa State IT will send your final e-mail. 

    To send an e-mail to a large distribution list using mass e-mail:

    1. Request a list of e-mail addresses for the recipients of your message or prepare your own. Everyone on the recipient list must have an Iowa State e-mail address.
    2. Complete the Mass E-mail Request Form
    3. Review and approve the test e-mail containing your message

    If you are sending a mass e-mail to a group you do not belong to, you need to permission from that group. Refer to the Mass E-Mail and Effective Electronic Communication policy. for detailed information on required permission.

    To include an image in your message:

    Image requirements:

    • Save as a .jpeg or .png file
    • Maximum size is 600 pixels wide by 1200 pixels tall

    Leaving Iowa State

    After you graduate or leave Iowa State, your CyMail account remains active for one semester before being suspended. You account is in suspension for another semester before expiring.

    You can transition from your CyMail account by forwarding messages from your CyMail account to a different e-mail account, by downloading your e-mail, or by migrating to an Alumni Association Account.

    To forward e-mails from your CyMail account to another e-mail account:

    Follow the standard Gmail forwarding instructions.
    Note: Forwarding will end when your CyMail account expires.

    To download e-mail:

    Follow the standard Gmail download your data instructions or export your e-mail using Outlook export or backup e-mail.

    To migrate to an Alumni Association Account

    You must migrate your account before the suspension period begins
    1. Fill out the Alumni Association account request form
    2. Enable forwarding in CyMail:
      1. Log into CyMail
      2. Click the gear icon
      3. Click 'Settings'
      4. Click the 'Forwarding and POP/IMAP' tab
      5. Check 'Enable POP for all mail (even mail that has already been downloaded)' in the POP Download section
      6. Select 'Save' and sign out of CyMail
        Note: To use POP you must allow insecure apps
    3. Go to gmail.com
    4. Sign in using the username and temporary password you received
    5. Follow the prompts to change your password
    6. Click the blue options icon then click 'Mail Settings'
    7. Click the 'Accounts and Import' tab
    8. Click 'Add POP3 Email Account' in the Check Mail Using POP3 section 
    9. In the pop-up window, enter your CyMail address and click 'Next Step'
    10. Enter your CyMail password
    11. Under the POP server dropdown list, select 'pop.gmail.com' and click 'Add Account'
    12. On the next screen, check 'No', then click 'Finish'
      Note: If you select Yes, you will not be able to receive replies to your e-mails once your CyMail account expires