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CyMail: Syncing, Forwarding, Importing

CyMail: Syncing, Forwarding, Importing

The links below will help you find Gmail instructions for some common tasks for those new to CyMail.

For more information on using CyMail, you should visit Gmail Help.

Set Up CyMail to Sync with a Mobile Device or Other Email Client

These instructions will help you set up CyMail to work on your mobile device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) or to work with an email client like Outlook.

  1. You will need to enable CyMail to use IMAP.
    • Note: In that page, replace “Gmail” with “CyMail” – you will sign in to CyMail and select CyMail settings.
  2. Then choose from a list of supported IMAP clients, which includes mail clients (like Outlook or Apple Mail) and mobile devices (like Android and iPhone/iOS).
    • Note: In the instructions, when asked to fill in your Gmail address, use your CyMail address,, and password.
  3. Follow the instructions given for the client you want your CyMail to sync with.

Fetching, Forwarding, and Importing Email

These instructions will help you if you already have a Gmail or other email account and want to be able to check all your email in one place.

  1. Find out more about moving mail from another account (like CyMail) to a Gmail account. You could also move your Gmail to your CyMail account.
  2. See How to Forward Your ISU Email for more information on forwarding your CyMail to another email address.
  3. You can also forward your Gmail to your CyMail account address.