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CorePlus Support

CorePlus Support

CorePlus Support

ITS CorePlus Support is available to administrative units and departments for university-owned equipment for a monthly fee (see Rates, below). CorePlus Support includes services for users and workstations, as well as Thin Client/VDI support.

CorePlus Desktop Support

  • Available on university-owned equipment
  • Operating system maintenance, including patches, upgrades, and security settings
  • Standard application software installation, configuration, patches, and upgrades
  • Support for custom software deployment
  • Managed antivirus/antimalware software
  • Support for client to install and configure specialty software
  • Hardware installation, repair, and moving
  • Workstation acquisition, consultation, and tracking
  • Hardware inventory
  • Loaned equipment to cover hardware failure and system rebuilds

CorePlus User Support

  • In-depth feature support for standard application software (Microsoft Office, Outlook, Internet Explorer)
  • Individual user training; training classes as requested
  • On-site issue resolution as needed
  • Consultation on IT-related questions as needed
  • File storage services access, security, and troubleshooting
  • Printer access, security, and troubleshooting
  • Advanced mobile device support, including security


Service Cost /Unit
CorePlus Desktop Support $20.00 /month/workstation
CorePlus User Support $10.00 /month/workstation