Data Warehouse (e-Data)

Iowa State's data warehouse (e-Data) is an environment for decision-making, supported by timely and accurate information from official, authenticated sources. Having a centralized repository ensures users across the university share a consistent version of the stored information.

Data Available in the Data Warehouse

E-Data consists of data extracted from the operational, or "transactional," database systems of various Iowa State units, and makes that data available as historical snapshots for analysis and reporting purposes. These include the Registrar's Office, Controller's Department, Human Resources and Payroll. Subject areas include: student, employee, financial (Kuali Financial Systems), sponsored programs (Kuali Coeus), and student credit hours.

To request access to e-Data:

  1. Go to Administrative Systems - Filling out the Request Form and follow the instructions for completing the form.
  2. Select e-Data under Administrative Systems
  3. The data steward will contact you when the system requested is available

To accessing the e-Data Report Portal:

We recommend you use Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.
  1. Go to the uBusiness tab in AccessPlus
  2. Select "e-Data: QA" from the left menu
  3. Click Continue

Resources and Support for e-Data


Kuali & e-Data Website: additional information, training, and support on KFS use.

e-Data Policy

FERPA information provided by the Office of the Registrar


Firefox Support

Internet Explorer (IE) Support

Mac Support

Excel Support

e-Data Rates

This is a common good service available at no charge.