E-mail for Faculty and Staff (Exchange)

Iowa State University uses Microsoft's Exchange server to manage faculty and staff e-mail. Microsoft Exchange provides e-mail and calendaring in an integrated environment. 

Accessing your E-mail

Your Iowa State e-mail address is your Net-ID followed by @iastate.edu. You can access your Iowa State e-mail once you have registered for a Net-ID, which will be fully functional within 24 hours. If you still need to create a Net-ID see University Accounts.

To access your Iowa State e-mail:

Go to the Outlook Web App and sign in with your Iowa State e-mail address and your Net-ID password. 

Setting up your E-mail

Your Iowa State employee e-mail account can be set up on a desktop, laptop, mobile device, or the web.  

Note: When asked to fill in your e-mail address and password, use your Iowa State e-mail address (netid@iastate.edu) and Net-ID password.

On a Desktop or Laptop


Mac OS X:

On a Mobile Device or the Web

Sending a Mass E-mail

You can request Iowa State IT to send a mass e-mail to all, or part, of the Iowa State community using the mailing service, Constant Contact. The fee to use Constant Contact is $26, paid with a departmental intramural form (contact your department), or charged to the sender’s U-Bill. There may be an additional costs to request specific lists.

If you plan to include an image in your message, it must be saved as a .jpeg or .png file and must be 600 pixels wide and less than 1200 pixels tall. 

A minimum of two business days is required to process mass e-mail requests; keep this in mind when scheduling the send date for your e-mail. Your request will not be processed until Iowa State IT receives your payment, recipient list, and any images, if applicable. Once your request is processed you will receive ONE test e-mail that you will need to review and approve before Iowa State IT can send your final e-mail. 

To send an e-mail to a large distribution list using mass e-mail:

  1. Request a list of e-mail addresses for the recipients of your message, or prepare your own. Everyone on the recipient list must have an Iowa State e-mail address.
  2. Complete the Mass E-mail Request Form
  3. Review and approve the test e-mail containing your message

If you are not part of the group to which you are sending the mass e-mail, you need permission from that group. For detailed information on permission required, refer to the Mass E-Mail and Effective Electronic Communication policy.

Setting up a Class Mailing List

When listed as an instructor with the Registrar’s office, you can set up mailing lists for your classes. Once you have created your class mailing list, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the e-mail address for the list. E-mails sent to this address will be delivered to all students registered in the class. Class lists automatically update if anyone drops or adds the class. 

To set up a class mailing list:

  1. Go to Account Services on the Web (ASW)
  2. Sign in with your Net-ID and password
  3. Select Manage Lists
  4. Select Manage Class List
  5. Select one or more class lists under the heading Class List Not Created
  6. Select Create Selected Class List(s)

Leaving Iowa State

When you leave, your Iowa State employee e-mail account will be suspended following your last day of work. Any e-mails sent to your suspended account will generate a Notice of Non-Delivery reply, informing the sender you are no longer at Iowa State.

Before leaving, you can transition from your Iowa State employee e-mail account by forwarding e-mails to a different e-mail account, and include a personal e-mail address in the Notice of Non-Delivery reply where the sender can contact you.

To forward e-mails from your Iowa State employee e-mail account to another e-mail account:

Follow the standard Office forwarding instructions

Forwarding will stop when your employee e-mail account is suspended.

To include a personal e-mail address in the Notice of Non-Delivery reply:

  1. Go to ASW
  2. Sign in with your Net-ID and password
  3. Select Change Mail Delivery
  4. Enter your personal e-mail address in the box under Email Information for Former Employees
  5. Select the Update My Info button

A Notice of Non-Delivery reply will go out in response to any e-mail sent to your Iowa State employee e-mail account for about 6-months after your employee account is suspended.