Iowa State University

ITInformation Technology

High Performance Computing (HPC)


Iowa State University provides faculty, staff and students with high performance computing (HPC) facilities and technology for research purposes. High performance computing utilizes supercomputers and parallel processing for running advanced programs quickly and efficiently.

HPC Group in Information Technology Services

The High Performance Computing (HPC) group in Information Technology Services includes full-time staff, graduate students, postdoctoral students and visiting scholars. The group provides training, assistance, and support for research and high performance computing as well as engaging in funded research projects.

All students, faculty and staff have access to ITS HPC staff for help with HPC projects and research on their own machines. Specific areas of HPC staff expertise include:

  • Training and assisting researchers and students to use HPC for research.
  • Training and assisting students and instructors that use HPC facilities for class work.
  • Selecting and developing efficient algorithms for scientific computing.
  • Supporting faculty and student development of parallel programs using OpenMP, MPI, SHMEM, Co-Array Fortran and Unified Parallel C.
  • Assisting faculty and students in program optimization, parallelization, debugging and porting.
  • Providing hardware and software support for the HPC facilities.

More information about high performance computing at Iowa State is available on the HPC website.