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HPC Group

The HPC Group is involved in research in the areas of parallel algorithms, parallel tolls, and the evaluation of high performance computing systems. The HPC Group has had over 60 graduate students, visiting scholars, and post doctoral students and has been awarded over $6 million in contracts and grants performing a wide variety of research activities for the following organizations:

  • The United States Department of Defense using resources of the Extreme Scale Systems Center at Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • The US Department of Defense
  • Cray Inc.
  • Sun Microsystems
  • Silicon Graphics, Inc.
  • NASA via Computer Science Corporation
  • IBM
  • Visual Numerics
  • Hitachi Data Systems

The HPC Group has developed a long-term relationship with Cray Inc. and has continuously had contracts with them since 1992. In 2003, $300,000 worth of computing equipment was given in exchange for work from Cray, Inc. This equipment was donated to the HPC Partnership.

In 2004, the HPC Group has received a large four-year grant from the US Department of Defense as part of DARPA's High Productivity Computing Initiative. Under this grant the run-time error tests for serial run-time errors, MPI, OpenMP and UPC were developed. In 2009-2011, with funding from ORNL the HPC Group has developed compile-time error detection tests for UPC and the run-time error detection tool for UPC called UPC-CHECK.