Iowa State University

ITInformation Technology

Mobile Development


ITS provides central coordination for mobile development at Iowa State University for faculty and staff who wish to create or improve a mobile presence.

Mobile technologies are becoming ever more important to all areas of education and providing relevant, on-demand information in a mobile-friendly format is essential to success. Whether the need is for a mobile website or a mobile app, ITS can help guide developers through the steps of design, implementation and distribution.


Mobile development assistance is available for many types of projects:

  • Mobile Web - ITS can assist in determining what information to mobilize and how to present it in a cross platform manner.
  • App Development - ITS can help with design and creation when there is a need for a dedicated app for a specific platform.
  • Distribution Assistance - Apps that are to be made available in the Apple Appstore or Google Marketplace require institutional review and approval. ITS can guide you through that process.


Rates will vary with the service. Some services are provided at no-charge.