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Microsoft (MS) Query


Microsoft Query (MS Query) is a data retrieval tool for bringing data from external databases directly into Microsoft Excel.


  • Retrieve and import data from any ODBC compliant database (including DB2, SQL Server, and Oracle) into Microsoft Excel.
  • Create your own ad-hoc SQL queries or use the built in query wizard.
  • Retrieve data to do your own analysis. If you need data transfers, the ITS File Transfer service should be used instead of MS Query. Contact the data steward responsible for the data for more information.
  • Utilize the drag and drop query builder interface.


  • Access to administrative information is determined by the role of the individual and may be contingent upon training, applicable data policies, and responsibilities. Approval from data steward (owner of the data) is needed.
  • Access to campus network is necessary for MS Query to retrieve data.
  • For use off-campus, VPN network access is required.
  • Required hardware and software, including:
    • Windows XP 32-Bit, Windows 7 32-Bit and 64-Bit
    • Office 2007 32-Bit, Office 2010 32-Bit
    • Installation of ODBC database driver for the specific database to be queried.
    • Installation of the IBM DB2 Runtime Client.