Printing for Students (PaperCut)

Printing documents on printers connected to the Iowa State University network is enabled through a web-software called PaperCut.


Using PaperCut

To print from a campus computer: Sign in to PaperCut using your Net-ID and password

To print from your personal device or view printing history: Sign in to your PaperCut Dashboard


Pages printed are counted in “units”. 1 Unit = $0.01. Black-and-white printing is 5 units ($0.05) per page for letter- and legal-sized paper. Units for color printing vary. Refer to the printer for the per-unit cost.


Each student has a 500-unit allowance per semester (Note: some colleges have additional printing credits). Additional units over the allotted 500 is charged to your U-Bill with a $1.00 (100 unit) minimum charge.

For questions regarding your PaperCut account, contact the Solution Center.