Printing on campus is enabled by a software called PaperCut, connected to the Iowa State University network. 

Printing with PaperCut

To print from a campus computer: Sign into PaperCut using your Net-ID and password while prompting for credential.

To print from your mobile device (including personal laptop or computer): Follow the "PaperCut Mobility Print" setup instructions here. Cannot use a Shared Account for charges. See more details below. 

To view printing history: Sign in to your PaperCut Dashboard

Units and Rates

Pages printed are counted in “units.” 1 Unit = $0.01. Black-and-white printing is 5 units ($0.05) per page for letter- and legal-sized paper. Units for color printing vary. Refer to the printer for the per-unit cost.

Each student has a 500-unit allowance per semester (Note: some colleges have additional printing credits). Additional units over the allotted 500 are charged to students' U-Bill with a $1.00 (100 unit) minimum charge. For questions about your PaperCut account, contact the Solution Center.


Mobility Printing Details


  • Must be a NetReg network device
  • iOS 9.2+ / macOS Yosemite+ 10.10+ / Windows 7+ / Android 4.4+ / Chrome OS with Chrome version 43+
  • Not all campus printers are enabled for mobility print but the service can be requested by local IT staff.

Special notes for macOS devices to add printers:

  • Open System Preferences
  • Click "Printers and Scanners"
  • Unlock and click "+" to get a list of available printers
  • The PaperCut Mobility Print queues will be listed as "Bonjour" type of printers
  • Scroll down and select the right printer queue which will show information in the format of
    • Name: <BuildingName>-<Room#>-<Type>
    • Location: <College>/<Dept>/<Building>/Room#/(<cost>/page)
    • Use: "Secure AirPrint."



January 1, 2020: The service for mobile printing known as "Web Print" has been replaced with "PaperCut Mobility Print.

End of 2020. Google Cloud Print service will no longer be supported.