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ITInformation Technology

Computer Data Recovery


Information Technology Services offers a recovery and backup service for data files from most Windows and Apple Mac OS laptop and desktop systems.

Computer Service, located in 74 Durham Center, is the point of contact for computer data recovery and backup.


  • Backup of personal data files from personal laptop/desktop computers.
  • Restoration of the data to a new or existing hard disk, CD, or DVD media.
  • While a successful backup of data cannot be guaranteed, every reasonable effort will be made to complete a one-time backup of the data.

Service Levels

Two levels of backup service are available, each with a corresponding service fee.


Basic Recovery Service

  • Must be able to be accomplished with no additional recovery utilities or heroic effort.
  • Hard drive must be accessible when attached as an additional hard drive to a working system.
  • Hard drive does not need to be bootable, but the file system must be intact and mountable.

Advanced Recovery Service

  • Available in cases when a basic attempt is unsuccessful.
  • Includes the use of licensed data recovery software, alternative operating systems, thermal variation, and associated labor.
  • If the advanced option is selected but not required, the customer will only be charged for the basic service.


  • If the original hard drive can be used, the one-time file backup may be restored to the original hard drive. If the original hard drive is replaced, the file backup may be restored to the replacement hard drive. Restored data may also be written to CD or DVD media, with up to two CDs or DVDs provided. A charge will be made for additional disks.
  • Retrieving data from corrupt or failing drives cannot be guaranteed; labor charges apply even if no data is recovered.
  • We do not disassemble a drive to recover files. If files cannot be accessed through external means, no attempt will be made to recover data, but a list of data recovery companies will be provided.
  • The file system must not be encrypted (e.g., not using Microsoft Windows EFS).
  • IT Services cannot be responsible for backing up data of an illegal nature, such as music or movies copied without permission from the copyright owner. You must have legal ownership of any files you want us to back up.


Rates vary depending on the level of service required. Additional charges may apply.

Service Cost /Unit
Basic Backup Service $67.00 /hard drive
Advanced Backup Service $113.00 /hard drive