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Warranty Service and Vendor Partnerships

Warranty Service and Vendor Partnerships

Computer Service is authorized to perform in-warranty and out-of-warranty service on Apple computers, Dell computers and laser printers, HP LaserJets, and some HP DeskJet printers. All other services, including any repairs not covered by warranty, will be charged at the standard labor rates plus parts and materials.

  • Apple Computers

    Apple currently reimburses the labor charges for all warranty-covered repairs; there is no charge for standard warranty service on Apple computers.

  • Dell Computers

    Dell does not provide labor reimbursement for the diagnosis or replacement of any part they consider to be a Customer Replaceable Unit (e.g., AC cords and adapters, batteries, mice, port replicators, docking stations, desktop monitors, and in most cases, keyboards, optical drives, hard drives, memory, wireless cards and minor case plastics). For a facilitation fee of $26, Computer Service will handle the ordering, receiving and returning to Dell of any warranty-covered CRU for which no diagnosis or installation is required.

    Labor reimbursements for non-CRU parts are dependent on the model of machine and the type of warranty purchased with it. (Non-CRU items typically include motherboards, video cards, processors, heatsinks, LCD panels, and major case parts.) Computer Service will charge standard labor rates on repairs of consumer-model machines when parts are covered by the warranty but labor is not.

    We recommend that you read carefully the warranty (if any) for the computer you are purchasing. Typically, an enterprise-level machine includes a more comprehensive warranty than a consumer model. Consumer models usually include labor to be provided by a mail-in service center or third party and therefore are not eligible for labor reimbursements when labor is provided by Computer Service.

    Enterprise models include Latitude, Precision, Optiplex and Dell servers. Consumer models include Inspiron, Studio, XPS, Vostro & Dimension.

    To avoid labor-related charges on warranty work, customers may contact Dell directly for assistance in diagnosing their problem. Based on the diagnosis, Dell will ship Customer Replaceable parts and a return label, or provide instructions on how to send the machine to Dell for repair.

  • Dell Laser Printers

    Computer Service offers in-warranty repair service of Dell laser printers. Customers must contact Dell directly for any inkjet printer issues.

  • HP LaserJet Printers

    Computer Service offers both in-warranty and out-of-warranty repair service on most HP LaserJet printers. For a $26 facilitation fee, we can also facilitate the repair of in-warranty HP scanners and inkjet printers that must be sent in to HP.