MATLAB Installation Instructions

MATLAB installation instructions for Windows and Mac.

Getting MATLAB

1. Create a MathWorks Account

  1. Go to the MathWorks Website
  2. Enter your Iowa State e-mail address (e.g.,
    Note: you will not be able to download the software using a non-Iowa State e-mail
  3. Under Country/Region: select 'United States'
  4. Under How will you use MathWorks software, select 'Academic use (including campus/site license use)'
  5. Under Are you at least 13 years or older, select 'Yes'
  6. Click 'Create'

2. Verify Your E-mail Address

  1. You will receive an e-mail from MathWorks
    Note: This may take up to 15 minutes after creating your account
  2. Click 'Verify your email' to complete the registration process

3. Complete Your Profile and Activation Key

  1. Fill in the fields with your personal information
  2. Enter the activation key or license number: 40466-48753-98754-93013-88763
  3. Click 'Create'

4. Download MATLAB

  1. Go to your MathWorks Account page, if not automatically directed
  2. Click 'Download Products'
  3. On the Downloads page, choose the latest version of MATLAB
  4. Choose your platform/OS
  5. MATLAB will start downloading

Installation MATLAB

After the download has completed:

  1. Double-click the MATLAB file to start the MathWorks installer
  2. On the MathWorks Install screen, elect 'Log in with a MathWorks Account' then click 'Next'
  3. On the License Agreement screen, click Yes' to accept the terms of the license agreement then click 'Next'
  4. On the Log In screen, enter your Iowa State e-mail and MathWorks account password then click 'Next'
  5. On the License Selection screen, select 'Select a license' and '1082052' then click 'Next'
  6. On the Folder Selection screen, leave the default folder selected then click 'Next'
  7. On the Product Selection screen, leave the pre-checked items selected then click 'Next'
  8. On the Installation Options screen, check 'Programs folder on the Start menu' (check 'Desktop' if you want a desktop shortcut) then click 'Next'
  9. On the Confirmation screen, click 'Install'
  10. MATLAB takes several minutes to install
  11. On the Product Configuration screen, click 'Next'
  12. On the Installation Complete screen, make sure 'Activate MATLAB' is checked then click 'Next'

Activate MATLAB

After installation, software activation immediately follows.

  1. On the MathWorks Software Activation, click 'Next'
  2. On the User Name screen, set the Username as the user name you use to log in to your computer then click 'Next'
  3. On the Confirmation screen, verify your user name is the one you use to log in to your computer and the Activated By is your Iowa State e-mail then click 'Confirm'
  4. If activation is successful, on the Finish screen, click 'Finish'
  5. Restart your computer, if prompted