File Storage & Backup

Iowa State IT offers two file storage services, and a file backup service, to cover a range of storage needs and file backups for students, faculty, and staff.

Cloud Storage (CyBox)

CyBox is Iowa State's implementation of Cloud storage. CyBox is an ideal solution for general, day-to-day documents including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other common documents.

CyBox provides storage and collaborative tools for sharing files to those inside, and outside, Iowa State. CyBox includes an unlimited quota of Cloud-based file storage and sharing for all faculty, staff, and students with a valid Net-ID. Files you store on CyBox can be accessed anywhere with internet access, from a variety of devices, including mobile devices with the app. CyBox meets all University standards for security and privacy including HIPAA.

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Large Scale Storage (LSS)

Large Scale Storage (LSS) is a research file storage service for faculty and staff that can be accessed by a group for long-term data storage. For more information about LSS, visit the Large Scale Storage website.

How to get space

LSS storage starts at $40 per terabyte per year. Quota can be paid for by individual researchers or groups, upfront or monthly. Discuss with your college or department if interested in a subsidized investment.

Visit to sign-up.

Accessing LSS

LSS can be accessed from Windows, Apple, and Linux computers without having to install any additional software (off-campus access requires use of the Iowa State VPN).

To access LSS, follow the instructions for accessing LSS.

File Backup (Mozy)

Iowa State IT offers Mozy to backup files stored on your computer's hard drive.

  • Software automatically encrypts and backs up files in the background while connected to the internet
  • Mozy can be installed on up to three devices (Windows, Mac or Linux desktops or laptops) per licensed user


Contact Your Solution Center for current pricing.

To order Mozy:

Complete the Mozy Service Request or contact Your Solution Center.