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Telephone for Faculty & Staff


ITS provides faculty and staff with multi-featured telephone services including equipment that ranges from basic telephones to multi-function sets, integrated voice/data services, and discounted long distance calling. Rates and charges may apply. There are many options for equipment and access, depending on your telephone communication needs.

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  1. Contact your departmental Voice/Data Coordinator for more information on ordering telephone and voice services and equipment.
  2. Telephone forms are available for ordering voice services.
  3. Learn how to Use Your Telephone and Features
  4. Access the online portal for your Cisco telephone.


Service Description Cost /Unit
Telephone Service & Equipment

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Cisco 8831 speakerphone w/ wired mics photo
Cisco 8831 speakerphone w/ wireless mics photo
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Analog Telephone Service Active analog jack without equipment. Available for Hotline, Emergency, Fax, Elevator, etc. $18.00 /month
Skype for Business IP-based voice service including voice mail, instant messaging, presence, desktop sharing, video conferencing, live meeting, and integration with Microsoft Office and Exchange. $35.00
Analog Cordless Phone $22.00 /month
Installation, Move, Upgrade/Downgrade Includes order writing, software changes, crossconnects in building and at switchroom, and cable records $50.00
/item/order (items 1-10)
/item/order (items >10)
Qwest Directory Listing Listing in Ames Qwest Directory Business Section-ISU (Qwest rate is subject to change) $6.00 /month
Software Changes Where applicable $30.00 /hour
Technician Rate Where applicable $45.00 /hour
Trip Charge Delivery to department by technician $35.00 /delivery
Expedite Fee Next day service with a maximum of 2 items. Plant Manager approval required. $100.00 /order
Automated Attendant Interactive telephone answering system that answers incoming calls with a pre-recorded announcement and routes them based on the caller's response to menus and prompts. Install billed at time and materials. $5.00
/month (1-5 mailboxes)
/month (6-15 mailboxes)
/month (>15 mailboxes)