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Cellular Providers

Cellular Providers

Cellular telephones and service plans for university business purposes are available through the university's contracted cellular service providers.

Additional services beyond cellular telephones are available, including phones for international use, aircards, and tablets. Contact service providers for details.

Contact the representatives listed below for current options and pricing from the university's cellular providers. All charges are billed directly to the requesting department.

U.S. Cellular

  • Representative: Elma Sinanovich
  • Phone: 515-865-9109
  • Email:


  • Representative: Mary Harp
  • Phone: 618-219-0037
  • Email:

Verizon Wireless

  • Representative: Brian Flynn
  • Phone: 515-320-2501
  • Email:

Discounted Personal Cellular Plans

University employees are also eligible for discounted personal cellular telephone plans offered by any of these vendors. To verify eligibility, visit the vendor websites listed below or visit one of their locations, identify yourself as an employee, and ask for current options and pricing.