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Importing Scores (Blackboard)

Importing Scores (Blackboard)

Importing Scores in Blackboard (Bb) Learn

Taking the following steps will enable you to transfer scores from the bubble sheets to your Bb Learn Grade Center column. If you already have an active Bb Learn course, you can skip to step 2.

  1. Create a course for your class on Bb Learn by filling out the Bb Learn Course Request.
  2. Log into Bb Learn and create a column in your Grade Center for the exam. Use a short name for the column and remember the name is case-sensitive.
  3. If not done previously, import the student information into your Bb Learn course by using the ISU Admin Tools within your course. Information on importing student information is available on the Adding Students to Bb Learn website.
  4. When you give the exam, ask the students to code their name left-justified in the NAME area and the middle 9 digits of their ISU Card number left-justified in the IDENTIFICATION NUMBER section.
  5. Create a "Key" bubble sheet with:
    • KEY in the NAME area (in the center)
    • The course name, ID, instructor's name, and exam name across the top of the key
  6. Submit your bubble sheets with the "Key" sheet on top to the Solution Center, 192 Parks Library, and fill out the Bb Learn Test and Evaluation Submittal Form in ISU Admin Tools and print the resulting page.

    Alternatively, if using paper forms found in the Solution Center, on the right-hand side of the form, check the box by "Transfer data to course Bb Learn gradebook" and include your email, Bb Learn Course ID, and Column Label.

    You will be sent an email when the results have been transferred to Bb Learn. The email you receive will include a comma-delimited spreadsheet file attachment that includes all the student scores that were transferred to your Bb Learn course. This will enable you to fill in any missing scores in Bb Learn for those students who did not include their name or a decipherable ID number on the bubble sheet. A list of those students will be included in an email from the Bb Learn administrator.

    Also included in the email you receive will be five PDF files that contain reports on Item Statistics, Respondent Statistics, Frequency Distribution, Test Statistics, and Item Analysis.