Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Iowa State’s virtual private network (VPN) provides remote access to campus network services from any computer, on or off campus, and offers safe, secure sign in to the university's network.

Installing the VPN Software

  1. Go to the VPN Login page
  2. Set the Group field to 'Primary' and sign in with your Net-ID and password
  3. Click 'Download for [OS]' to start the download process
  4. Click 'Instructions' for installation instructions for your operating system
  5. After installing, follow the instructions for Connecting to the VPN

Connecting to the VPN

  1. Launch the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client
  2. Enter ‘’ and click 'Connect'
  3. Set the Group to 'Primary', enter your Net-ID and password then click 'OK'

Accessing Iowa State's VPN on your Mobile Device

  1. Install Cisco AnyConnect client from your device’s app store
  2. Add a VPN connection using the server address:
  3. Sign in with your Net-ID and password