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ITS Web Development Services offers a variety of services to augment, develop, manage, and better maintain web material. We use a combination of full-time staff and talented student employees to provide superior service at a reasonable cost. These services are available to all departments and units at Iowa State University. Custom services are available.

Virtual Web Hosting

Virtual Web Hosting

ITS virtual web hosting service allows you to take advantage of the benefits of having a web server without the challenges of actually maintaining a machine. Some of the benefits include:

  • a clear concise web address
  • hourly detailed hit statistics
  • inclusion in ISU's Google Search Appliance
  • 10GB disk quota
  • MySQL database
  • nightly backups
  • PHP scripting
Site Management & Project Development

Site Management & Project Development

Web Development has a team of talented developers that can offer complete web solutions; you provide the material, ITS maintains the website. This option results in a consistent and continuous level of service not available using "extra-duty" staff or micro-managed student employees. ITS developers are part of a team of web specialists. By combining resources, ITS is able to provide web authors with tools, equipment, and training that is generally cost-prohibitive for individual departments.


LAMP Development Environment

ITS Web Development Services leverages the power of open-source to keep costs down and productivity high. Specifically, LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP). The environment is monitored 24/7/365 in a machine room that offers a secure environment with full UPS and environmental controls.


Service Cost /Unit
Virtual Web Hosting (10 GB Quota, 25 MB Database, 10 GB Traffic) $40 /month
Managed Web Site (50 GB Quota, 100 MB Database, 20 GB Traffic) $60 /month
Web Development $70 /hour
Urgent Web Development (one business day turnaround) $140 /hour
Critical/Immediate Web Development (evening/weekend) $100 + $210 /hour
Extra Storage Space (+10 GB quota) $5 /month
Extra Database Space (+25 MB quota) $10 /month
Extra Traffic Bandwidth (+10 GB traffic) $10 /month