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Name Microsoft Windows (Faculty & Staff)
Category Operating System
Expiration 31 Aug 2018
Description Under the Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES), Microsoft Windows O/S upgrades (including Windows 8) is available for departmental use. Upgrades (and also downgrades to prior versions) to the Windows O/S are included as part of the basic desktop bundle under the Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES).
Restrictions EES Program: No additional cost for faculty and most staff at Iowa State. (Some employee job categories are excluded from eligibility under the terms of the license.) Software is also available for university-owned computer labs. Upgrades only (not a full O/S installation) are available for faculty and staff machines where a prior O/S purchase can be proven. This includes Macintosh machines that can also run Windows. Students are not eligible.
International Travel

The computer with software used outside of the US is allowed - just specific export laws for selling products abroad,

Contact Info Contact your department's designated Contact of Record (COR) shown at

If you have questions regarding availability and employee eligibility, please contact:
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